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Grado Zero Innovation is an Italian SME performing, in a business to business approach, applied Research and Development, designing and scaling-up production of innovative materials and final products.

Grado Zero Innovation (GZI) is a spin-off of Grado Zero Espace (GZE) a company with more than 15 years experience in technical textile and engineering of advanced flexible structures.

Thanks to its multi-disciplinary group made of complementary technical figures, from chemistry to mechanical and aerospace engineering, to product and interaction designers, GZI is able to offer a 360° design service, from the development of the Proof of Concept, to the industrial value chain analysis of the final product.

What marks Grado Zero Innovation out is that it creates personalized finished products, garment and accessories highlighting the local handcraft value and the ethical issues.GZI takes into account the product life cycle and reuse of materials for a more sustainable world. In this field we apply ECO Design, Design for reuse, Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-efficiency analysis.

The main fields of interest

Biotechnologies; Fiber & Textile; Sports & Safety; Leather goods; Furnishing; Health Care & Well-being; Transportation; Building & Construction;

Our skills

Interaction Design; Industrial Design; Human Centered Design and User testing; ECO Design (LCA, LCC, EEA,..) ; Wearable Computing System; Weaving and knitting textile; Bio Materials and technologies; Advanced composite materials; Demonstration and Prototyping; Pilot scale and Product; Lab-scale and Industrial scale testing; Scaling-up engineering; Simulation of production chain; Benchmarking and Market/clients requirements; Technology Transfer; Activity manufacturing

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