Green Economy

We also have, in Grado Zero Innovation, a Dept. specifically involved in Life Cycle Engineering, including all the facilities to prototype and test the product/technology/system/material solution that we develop. One important scope of this Dept. is the R&D on technologies for recovery precious/valuable materials from waste streams, and the development of material solutions and products incorporating these, reprocessed. We are extremely active in supporting the development of sustainable and circular models of supply chains and new business models for a more responsible production and consumption. We are massively active in projects implementing integrated concepts of energy production, saving and responsible consumption. 1. Energy production: chemical and thermochemical production from biomasses; renewable energies; geothermal plants. We mainly work in the development of integrating systems at zero waste and working in closed loop. 2. Energy saving: materials and technologies for an efficient and responsible use of the resources. 3. Energy consumption: (“smart”) monitoring systems. We evaluate application of new green materials/technologies also in Building & Construction Life Cycle Engineering Dept. To act as a controlling and internal evaluation body with respect to sustainability effects during the design, development and prototyping stages of a new material or product. To give directions and recommendations for technology and product choice prior to developments by holistic multi-criteria scenario analyses. To quantify the R&D results and go beyond the environmental issues, with an eco-efficiency assessment aimed to achieve a balance between environmental and economic factors. Tools used: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis and Eco-Efficiency (EE) analysis; Environmental, Health and Safety Risk Assessment (especially in relation to the adoption of innovative materials or technologies).