Industrial Design

GZ Industrial Design follows the entire design activity for the development of new products with high technological content from the initial idea and first project concept, to the feasibility analysis, considering new materials and coordinating the different divisions in GZ during the steps of designing, prototyping and final manufacturing. The importance of this task has become an expression of the tangibility of the innovation that Grado Zero brings up to its projects and turns into its products. GZE design offers: Virtual Prototyping: To evaluate a new product before creating the phisical model. Through the use of SolidWorks 3D CAD design software; Ergonomics Laboratory: To test and evaluate the relation between phisical object and human. The aim is to improve efficency, comfort and safety of the users. Ergonomics incorporates elements from many subjects including anatomy, physiology, psychology, bio-mechanics and design. Thanks also the use of Rapid Prototyping; Materials Integration: Thanks to a close collaboration with GZE Lab, we select and implement the suitable materials into a new product to obtain enhanced properties and improved efficiency, following the referred standards; Design and prototyping of technical/sports clothing and safety equipment: concept design, pattern model, CAD modeling, phisical prototype. Product Restyling. Grafica e Packaging. From Furnishing to Transportation