Fiber & Textile

One area of great importance is textile, where Grado Zero Espace is able to perform demonstration and prototyping activities in the field of technical fabrics design, including the development of complex textile structures, as well as the study of physical-mechanical behaviours. Thanks to the support of specific geometric textile modelling software package in combination with software for the analysis of thermal, mechanical and engineering properties, we are able to improve the possibilities to produce and test several new textile configurations, joining together our expertise the textile field and in the engineering one. Some relevant experiences in new materials include thermo-active alloys or polymers and high performance fibres or smart coating with innovative added properties. The experimental activity includes the development of eco-friendly fabrics using natural fibres such as cypress, peat, kapok, nettle, spider-web and processes following eco-compatibility's parameters. GZE is able to provide the development of wearable technology systems consisting in the integration of smart sensors for monitoring vital-functions, conductive textile for data acquisition and transmission, thermal regulating systems, electroluminescent devices and other new functionalities. Starting off from the consideration of the fibres for the yarn design and ending with the optimization of the fabric production using specific finishes, Grado Zero Espace utilizes the same technological innovation and experimental research aspects which the company is renowned for.