Sports & Safety

Our expertise in PPE system development could be used by costumers. In particular our skills in design and product development for clothing and apparel components (shoes, head protection, gloves) ground on decennial experience in new materials and technology development and integration with a strong connection to the industrial requirements and user needs. GZE has also experience in anti NBC suit (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) validated by nuclear flash test. We are equipped with rapid prototyping (3D printer) which can be used in the project to manufacture ad-hoc accessories components (design and testing). One of the main characteristics of our company is the continuous effort to the realization of working prototypes and made with equipments and techniques as near as possible to the most common ones in the industries of the field of interest: this characteristic implicates that our research jobs continuously consider practical necessities and limits linked to industrial production of the desired item; so, the development of every new product is always aimed to the industrial production process optimization, necessary for everything wants to have commercial importance.