Health Care & Well-being

GradoZero major area of expertise is in wearable and ambient technologies for assisted living. Devices for monitoring/intervention, and for helping people in their daily life. Design and development of easily deployable and cost-effective ambient devices equipped with sensor technologies and producing big amount of data. • Design and development of unobtrusive wearable devices equipped with sensor technologies easily linkable with the ambient solutions. • Design and development of multitasking robotic devices that can act as caregivers with autonomous and social interactions. Personalized Remote Healthcare Solutions Goals • To provide innovative monitoring and intervention solutions (ambient sensors/wearable devices/robotic solutions), in order to facilitate personalized remote care by professional and/or informal carers. • To improve the acceptability of the monitoring and intervention solutions, incorporating aesthetic, ergonomic and functional factors. • To investigate how the solution can affect the care ecosystem - change in care practices, call for regulations, etc. - and which issues can arise from it. • To elaborate a framework for regulating the use of such solutions, taking into consideration ethical issues, e.g., privacy, security, etc.