"Wearable technology" includes all technologies developed to be worn and accessible by the user. This is a field in which we are hugely working, especially in projects related to the topic of: “Smart Cyber-Physical Systems”. In this topic, our main aim is especially the development of new typologies of wearable HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces). Specifically, we are interested in integrating novel sensing technologies based on the developing of a completely new generation of “smart” materials that can sense, touch and respond with acoustic, luminescent or other types of output. In this topic - design and prototyping advanced specific wearable interfaces and systems - we have a lot of competencies and experience. Those systems are developed to: be helpful for the user be "always on" and accessible by the user be controllable and interactive, augment the intellect or augment the senses be in synergy with the body, not limit the user's functions and mobility be used as a communications medium