FLWRDWN™: The most advanced padding ever

FLWRDWN™ - The most evolved padding in the world: Oil free, animal free, micro plastics free, vegan 100%, cruelty free, bacteria free, biodegradable. FLWRDWN™ is a breakthrough vegan down technology that took over 10 years to develop, without any animals involved in the process, and made in an eco-friendly way. The down is made from natural, dried wild flowers which have a down-like structure with insulating properties. The two main ingredients are wild FLOWERS and BIOPOLYMERS.- Flowers: Flower floss fibre, one of the main ingredients of the FLWRDWN™ technology has a strong disruptive intrinsic value: it’s completely natural origin. This comes to be represented in a two-fold perspective: a) an organic and natural material, that doesn’t come from animals nor petroleum, and b) its role in the ecosystem, this plant is essential for the impolination of the butterflies. - a biopolymer selected to be blended with Flower floss fibre to make the FLWRDWN™ technology. This blend has exceptional hypoallergenic properties, as well as bacterio-static and antimicrobial features, naturally, without any additional treatment or use of water. It is a thermoplastic fiber-grade resin, and complies with Plastics Regulation 10/2011. Compared to animal or synthetic down, FLWRDWN™ avoids the proliferation of bacteria and is 100% odour-free.

SPACE tech CORE - All is infused with a innovative BioAEROGEL. It gives strength to FLWRDWN™ products, increasing their performance and durability.

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