Develops a Discrete Event Simulator (DES-based) SW tool,

implementing it as a Finite Capacity Scheduler (FCS). The

simulator will act as a Cyber Physical Production System

(CPPS), monitoring the physical resources of the factoryfloor

to control the complete production chain and its


§ A whole series of data-based analysis and predictive tools

can be made available to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic,

from automatic systems of lung tomographic images analysis, for

diagnostic purposes, to shorten the time of diagnosis, up to the

efficient use of available resources.

§ Business Intelligence systems, such as iPlanner system,

can be adapted and used to get the pulse of the situation in

real-time in terms of resource absorption and efficacy of

clinical pathways - thinking at the adaptation of the DES-based

simulator system developed to optimise the use of the available